No Ice Cream Allowed!

I am endlessly amazed at how vast The Rothman Lantern Slide Collection is. I’ve been playing a little game where I take a look at the widely shared articles featured on The New York Times web edition, pick one that catches my attention and search in Pocket Knowledge for a corresponding image. Today I read this useful (and entertaining) article about Roman officials handing out violations for eating near and drinking in areas of “particular historic, artistic, architectonic and cultural value” in Rome’s center, to better protect the city’s monuments, which include landmarks like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.” Should any of you be on your way to Roma anytime soon, I wouldn’t want you to be considerd a “culinary recidivists” so please read here. And be sure to enjoy the charming images of Rome (search under Rome in Pocket Knowledge for more) found in The Rothman Lantern Slide Collection. Ciao!