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#TinyBookTuesdays; A Miniature Bible 

Today's #TinyBookTuesdays presents a 1700's miniature bible from the Gottesman Library & Archives! !

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This weeks #tinybooktuesdays features¬†The Bird's Nest Stories.¬†Published by Leavitt & Allen in New York between 1852 and 1876.  

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Mini Bible History 

Welcome to another #TinyBookTuesdays! This time we have the History of the Bible published by Auburn: Alden, Beardsley & Co. in 1851. It measures approximately 2 x 2 inches, and is 192 pages long (including several wood-engraved illustrations). Shown with a quarter for scale,¬†because it's just that tiny! title page interior pages     with …

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Welcome to #TinyBookTuesdays ! For our first installation we have Uncle John's Panorama, Charley's Picture Alphabet. Published in 1854 by G. Henderson & Co.

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So-Fat and Mew-Mew 

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Smallest Hardcover Book in the Library? 

Hello everyone today I wanted to show you guys what I believe to be the smallest book hardcover book in the library, and like I said in a previous blog post, if anybody can find a smaller hardcover book than blog about it here. The tiny star of this blog is a book called The …

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