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#foodFriday – History in Sandwiches 

Many food historians attribute the modern sandwich to the 18th-century Earl of Sandwich, but the idea of wrapping filling in some kind of bread definitely extends much farther back into history. The wrap sandwich, for example, was first documented by Hillel the Elder, who wrapped lamb and herbs in soft matzah during Passover. Mrs. Rorer …

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#foodFriday – Still Life with Oysters 

Alexander Adriaenssen (1587–1661) was a Flemish artist, best known for his still-life paintings, like this one: Alexander Adriaenssen - Still life with Oysters (ca. 1630s) This warm and inviting table scene is nice intro for today's treat: "Oysters à la Newburg," from Mrs. Rorer's Fifteen New Ways for Oysters. This dish could work equally well as …

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#foodFriday – “Sandwiches” (with a side of swimming) 

Today is another treat from the domestic science archives: Sandwiches, published in 1894. At this point in time, Sarah Tyson Rorer was working for Ladies Home Journal—a decade later, she would go on to manage pavilions and demonstrate new cooking techniques at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair! The book contains sandwiches to suit a variety of tastes …

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#foodFriday “Fifteen New Ways for Oysters” 

Happy Friday! Today we're bringing you recipes from the great Mrs. S T Rorer, author of Colonial Recipes, Twenty Quick Soups, and many more! This week's selection comes from Fifteen New Ways for Oysters, published in Philadelphia, 1894. Sure, you could go out for oysters—but in this weather, why not stay in and cook up …

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Martha Washington’s Pumpkin Pie 

from Mrs. Rorer's Colonial Recipes, copyright 1894.

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