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#TinyBookTuesday The End of an Era 

Happy #TinyBookTuesday! I am sad to say this is my last Tiny Book with EdLab.  BUT I am happy to present this tiny treasure from 1840!  It is a handwritten diary/scrapbook with a furry surprise at the end! Thank you all for such an incredible experience at EdLab. It has truly been a learning experience! …

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#TinyBookTuesday F I G H T I N G 

Hello!  So sorry for the hiatus, but we are back this week!  Today we have Fighting published in 1849 by the American Sunday-School Union. This tiny treasure was published in Philadelphia, PA.     

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#TinyBookTuesday The Image Boys 

Happy #TinyBookTuesday! Today we have The Image-Boys, abridged from the French of Rev C. Malan of Geneva. This tiny book was published in 1830 by the American Tract Society at 150 Nassau-Street, New York.

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#TinyBookTuesday How to Become Rich 

          Happy #TinyBookTuesday! Today we have "How to Become Rich, a Book for the Young Men of America" from 1878. This tiny, but wealthy book, was published by Tousey & Small Publishers on 116 Nassau Street, New York.  

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#TinyBookTuesdays “The New-England Primer” 

It's #TinyBookTuesdays! Today we have The New-England Primer of an Easy and Pleasant Guide to the Art of Reading. Adorned with Cuts. To Which is Added the Catechism. This tiny book was published by John Punchard and James Gay in Cornhill, Boston; 1831.

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Smallest Hardcover Book in the Library? 

Hello everyone today I wanted to show you guys what I believe to be the smallest book hardcover book in the library, and like I said in a previous blog post, if anybody can find a smaller hardcover book than blog about it here. The tiny star of this blog is a book called The …

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