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Welcome to #TinyBookTuesdays ! For our first installation we have Uncle John's Panorama, Charley's Picture Alphabet. Published in 1854 by G. Henderson & Co.

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Patrick Playing His Violin (1968), by Quentin Blake 

Quentin Blake is an English cartoonist, illustrator, and children's writer best known for his collaborations with Roald Dahl. This image, related to his book and adapted short film, Patrick, is about a man with a magical violin; when he plays it, fish sing and fly through the air, cake and ice cream grow on apple trees, …

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Smallest Hardcover Book in the Library? 

Hello everyone today I wanted to show you guys what I believe to be the smallest book hardcover book in the library, and like I said in a previous blog post, if anybody can find a smaller hardcover book than blog about it here. The tiny star of this blog is a book called The …

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Items in their Natural Habitat: The Indestructible My Primer aka the Cloth books 

Finally found some interesting piece of history about these cloth books. This is from the Tampa Bay's Exhibit website: "The Indestructible One Syllable Primer is no exception to this rule. Printed on linen in order to stave off rips from clumsy young fingers, it incorporates tailor-made illustrations with alphabet and reading lessons. Some lessons are …

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