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Portrait Of Miss Lillian C. Hoffman, Teachers College. (May, 1915) 

A spring portrait of Lillian Hoffman. In 1921, Miss Hoffman moved on to become the head of the home economics department at Colorado State College. The Colorado State College Library holds a picture of her from 1931.

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Portraits Of Helen Kinne 

She saw education as a structural whole—and her own subject in its proper proportion to that whole. Her constant effort was to release her pupils from the thraldom of devotion to special methods of work—to make them grasp the importance of principle and the relative unimportance of method. She taught them to think and to …

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Portrait of Miss Fanny Morton, Teachers College. (1915) 

Miss Morton was one of the few personalities remaining that bound the achieving Teachers College of the present to the struggling Teachers College of its earliest years; and although the more recent generations of students will greatly miss her vigorous presence and warm, friendly greeting when they return to seek out familiar places and faces …

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Portrait Of Miss Naomi Norsworthy, Teachers College. (1915) 

No one knowing the radiant personality that was Naomi Norsworthy will question the reason for her life-history; none but will question the possibility that words or portraiture can be found to carry over that radiance and that personality in any satisfying way to others so unfortunate as never to have known her. Many times since …

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Items in Their Natural Habitat: The Times Magazine Page 

American Educators Recognize in Dr. Montessori's Method Certain Limitations That Bar It From Complete Acceptance

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