#tbtxmas – Children’s Christmas

| December 4, 2014

The first two images come from Wilfred Mills’ Marionettes, Masks and Shadows—a guide to the history, use, and manufacture of marionette dolls, including information on creating marionettes and staging your own puppet shows.
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The next example of Christmas puppets comes from Tom Tichenor’s Puppets. Tichenor was a Nashville native, famous for his Christmas village and window displays. He was also the library staff puppeteer at the Nashville Public Library, where he regularly staged free puppet shows; the Nashville library is now home to 250+ marionettes created by Tichenor. These images come from “Christmas at Creepy Castle,” part of Tom Tichenor’s Puppets. (Bonus: Check out Nashville Public Library’s digital collection, which includes this photograph of Tichenor and Witchie the lifesize marionette!)
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