#foodFriday “Fifteen New Ways for Oysters”

| February 13, 2015

Happy Friday! Today we’re bringing you recipes from the great Mrs. S T Rorer, author of Colonial Recipes, Twenty Quick Soups, and many more! This week’s selection comes from Fifteen New Ways for Oysters, published in Philadelphia, 1894.

Sure, you could go out for oysters—but in this weather, why not stay in and cook up twenty-five or fifty “good, fat oysters” any way you want them? Start with a sauté of oysters, or boil them.

"Sauted Oysters" / "Boiled Oysters"

“Sauted Oysters” / “Boiled Oysters”


If you’re feeling more ambitious, try a “Scallop of Oyster and Macaroni” or the “Bisque of Oyster.”

There’s still eleven new ways to prepare oysters—including curried, creamed, and baked en coquille—so stay tuned for more of Mrs. Rorer’s recipes! (Just make sure you sharpen your silver chopping knife!)