Bringing Archives to Life

| August 18, 2014

What do you get when you cross centuries-old archival materials with the humble GIF? Apparently, a completely charming collection of animations, courtesy of the Smithsonian Libraries Tumblr. My favorite is the exotic elephant airship below, but the Greenland Whale, jaunty sailboat, and Uncommon Flying Squirrel are definitely worth a look!

from a scrapbook of early aeronautica, collected by William Upcott, English librarian and antiquary circa 1837-1840 (via Smithsonian Libraries Tumblr)

Read more from Richard Naples, the Smithsonian’s resident GIF-maker, at the Washington Post Style Blog, or learn how to hack your own digitized images by reading the Smithsonian’s blog post on the GIF-creating process. Maybe there’s something in the Pocket Knowledge gallery that would make a great GIF!