Portrait Of Miss Naomi Norsworthy, Teachers College. (1915)

| January 18, 2013

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No one knowing the radiant personality that was Naomi Norsworthy will question the reason for her life-history; none but will question the possibility that words or portraiture can be found to carry over that radiance and that personality in any satisfying way to others so unfortunate as never to have known her. Many times since her death, hundreds have remarked their desire for some written memorial that might crystallize about her name an interpretation, however faint, of her life and its ideals, wonderfully made manifest in her daily coming and going.
-Frances Caldwell Higgins, author of The Life of Naomi Norsworthy

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She met every advance more than halfway, and she gave unstintingly of herself to all who sought her aid. This ability to reach out to the other person, to interpret another’s need, and to give sympathetic assistance from a rich store of scholarly attainments was what made her a great teacher. She never taught to entertain; she made no pretense of calling hard things easy or crooked things straight. Master of herself through systematic discipline, she knew how to inspire others to meet difficulties courageously.
-James E. Russell from The Life of Naomi Norsworthy