Portrait of Miss Fanny Morton, Teachers College. (1915)

| January 25, 2013

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Miss Morton was one of the few personalities remaining that bound the achieving Teachers College of the present to the struggling Teachers College of its earliest years; and although the more recent generations of students will greatly miss her vigorous presence and warm, friendly greeting when they return to seek out familiar places and faces among our rapidly changing surroundings and personnel, those who will most truly feel her loss are the staff and alumni of those earlier years, when the College was small and the contacts more intimate, and “Fanny,” as she was affectionately known to all in those days, was the warder and manager of all the material resources of the College, the friend in need for all emergencies. Born of excellent English stock, one of a large family of children, she inherited from both parents a character that was four-square, splendid energy and physical strength, fine organizing and executive ability, much initiative, and a straightforward honesty.

-From College News & Departmental Notes (1923)