In Their Natural Habitat: Catskill Mountain House

| September 6, 2012




Over the holiday weekend, I toured Central New York and visited the site of the former Catskill Mountain House. The hotel was built in 1824 and was extremely popular through the turn of the century. The rocks around the site were filled with cool old graffiti from 19th century visitors, like the above from the Smiths Coronet Band. The hotel was burned by the state in 1963 but here are a few pictures from its prime and decline:

Circa 1875

Circa 1953

The magnificent prospect from this mountain has been often described, and is too familiar to be repeated. It is indeed magnificent – and he who could look upon such a scene and not turn from it a better man, must truly have forgotten his better elements. An area wide enough for the territory of a nation lies beneath you like a picture, with the Hudson winding through like an inlaid vein of silver.
-from the Boston Recorder And Telegraph Oct. 6, 1826