Smallest Hardcover Book in the Library?

| November 11, 2011

Hello everyone today I wanted to show you guys what I believe to be the smallest book hardcover book in the library, and like I said in a previous blog post, if anybody can find a smaller hardcover book than blog about it here.

The tiny star of this blog is a book called The Little History of England, which is part of the appropriately named Tom Thumb series. The date of publication is believed to be 1850, and published by Clark, Austin & Smith in New York. Although I could not find much more information on the particular book, I might have found out how much it is worth approximately.

This website shows what seems like a very similar version of the one we have, the difference seems to be that the books are from a different publisher, and the book according to the site is worth $360. I’m guessing the book we have is about the same worth, although I might be wrong. Is there anybody out there that can find out our book’s worth?

While we search for an answer let’s look at some pictures!

Here’s the book in my hand: