Pictures of The Teachers College Yearbook from 1926

| November 4, 2011

One day I was on a mission to look for the Teachers College Yearbooks in our Archival area, I was expecting to find a whole bunch of yearbooks, but instead I only found one. So I decided to whip out the old camera and take some pics to share with everyone here.

This Teachers College Yearbook is from 1926 and is titled The Tower. The pictures below includes the front cover, the dedication page,some pages from the middle of the book, and the very last page. You can tell, from these pictures, that this yearbook is definitely from the Roaring Twenties Era, by looking at the jazzy drawings.

So now without further ado, take a look into Teachers College’s past:

Front Cover:

Dedication Page:

Nice Picture:

Student Photos:

Class Picture:

Nice Jazzy Pic:

An Impression Picture Collection:

A Map of Teachers College, which looks like a maze just like it is today:

The Last Page: