Harvest Time!

| September 29, 2012

The Harvest Moon begins this weekend. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) night, the harvest moon will rise just after sunset, and depending on how far north you are, you may have a few more nights of it. Harvest moons often appear bigger, brighter, and redder than your average full moon, and back in the day, the harvest moon helped farmers work at night to reap their early-autumn crops.

Below are some harvest highlights from the Rothman Lantern Slide Collection:

Grape Harvest (c.1920)

Harvesting Grain in Denmark. (c.1920)

Growing hops & harvesting barley on a Bavarian farm (c.1920)

Harvesting wheat in Guipuzcoa, Northern Spain. (c.1920)

Lithuania, Harvesting Rye (c.1920)

Old Fashioned Harvesting (c.1920)